The slightest touch

As a crisis call counselor, I get phone calls every day from individuals who are going about their lives, acting as if everything is fine, while at the same time (even sometimes while we are talking on the phone!) are admitting serious intent and a plan to end their life. One of the most recent conversations was with an individual on their way to work who was running errands and decided to stop and get cash by using the bank drive through window. I remember praying silently that the bank teller would be gentle with this person who was suffering. The individual was feeling so trapped that they didn’t know if they could get through the week without ending their life. Thankfully I could hear the bank teller reassure my caller that they understood (even though they didn’t) and did not take offense at what could have been seen as a rude customer talking on the phone while seeking services.

I am reminded of the care the transformed hero/victor (Coach) must continue to take remembering that even the movement of a  butterfly’s wings can cause chaos or connection.

Touching anything literally leaves a mark.


It is an honor to be offered brief moments with these individuals as they try to find new answers to oftentimes very heavy and complex problems.  Mostly, no matter how long I work in this position, I hope I will always be reminded to speak more softly, react with kindness, and practice gratitude in every connection, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant they may be, because even if it feels like “nothing” to me, it could be the tipping point in someone’s day or even life.

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