Remembering Forgiveness

When the sense of magic turns to a sense of madness, how do we find each other again? Have you ever trusted someone and simultaneously wondered if they were safe to be connected too? This happened to me recently. I found myself in despair and a visceral need to curl up and protect my belly, like this person who had seemed so much like a trusted sibling and friend could and was metaphorically attempting to inject me with a poison that would turn me inside out.

I love the word forgiveness because it seems to mean the object and the action at the same time. Contrast for-give with for-get. We for-get because we are pulled towards something else. We hunger for that other thing or experience (like a sense of safety) so that we let the present moment (and relationship) fall away and we for-get about it. For-giveness however is about the practice of offering or giving ones best self, even if that means being trampled by a tantruming other and left in a muddy puddle of forgottenness.

More on this later… and I’m curious about what forgiveness means to you?

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