About the Author

RuthProfessionally, Ruth Diaz  has been honing her skills as a strength’s based Gestalt therapist and organizational consultant in Portland, Oregon. She is a licensed therapist and completed her doctorate in clinical psychology at Pacific University where she pursued special projects and research on healthcare technology and re-defining disability.  One of Ruth’s passions has been working with non-profit organizations in realizing their potential. The Inner Yaga foundation, Stand for Courage, and the Decision Education foundation are just a few groups who have enlisted Ruth’s advice on the many interpersonal layers and processes that create a happy, functioning, and purposeful workplace. Ruth is also described as an interpersonal and community-focused clinician, shaman, colleague, and friend.
“Ruth’s skill in teaching groups creates a rich and fulfilling learning experience… She brings life to topics through honest reflection of her expertise and limitations, engaging dialogue with the audience, and poignant anecdotes of her personal and professional life experiences.”
 Ruth has worked with a diverse array of populations including groups and individuals with SPMI who were inpatient at a state hospital, individuals and families with comorbidities of medical and mental illness, and interdisciplinary treatment teams for high risk populations (e.g., chronic pain, HIV, etc.). She has experience teaching and coaching in complex trauma, health psychology, HIV and chronic illness, Gestalt Therapy, and organizational consulting. Ruth is now working with people all over the world as crisis call counselor and continues to develop and train others to use and teach the returning to compassion model through community, academic, and professional venues. Ruth is available for consultation and speaking/teaching events by using the form below. (Please be sure to include the dates you are interested in Ruth facilitating and the best way to contact you.)
Curriculum Vita: Ruth Diaz LPC, Psy.D.