This page is one of the website’s growth areas. The vision will be that each of the areas below will have pages connected to them that explain through prezi and articles how families can connect through the Returning to Compassion model. Meanwhile, please enjoy the initial descriptions below and feel free to leave comments or questions at the bottom on what you would like to see first published here.
784496_origConnecting through our faults

A honored teacher once advised, “don’t bandage the wound too tightly; that’s where the light gets out.” How we respond when we feel hurt, especially by those we feel or live closest too can significantly impact our sense of value around ourselves and our lives. This blog will be about honoring the relationships we are born into and also the ones we choose and call family.


Creativity in challenges1452031427

Each of us can remember some moment when our family faced an unexpected and stressful situation or event. The Returning to Compassion model gives families a way to practice for these challenges ahead of time. Understanding the roles we default to when we feel scared can be translated and practiced as the strengths we can hold with each other when we choose to stay connected even under pressure.

1452032163(Mis)Understanding values

Have you ever noticed how quickly something harmless a friend might say turns into a deeply offensive statement if a family member says the same thing? Practicing and listening understanding the values we hold around ourselves and each other allows us to maintain a sense of trust and curiosity, even when our family member seems to play on our insecurities. The model allows us to remember that we are all human, and we are all attempting to connect and find a sense of comfort in each other, no matter how large, small, powerful, or dependent we are.